On what basis do you select your Franchise Owners?

We want our Franchise Owners to succeed and on that basis we will be selective. We want ethical, ambitious, customer focused people who are driven, disciplined, capable and have a positive outlook with a can-do attitude.

What is the investment requirement?

Each lodge park will vary depending on the site itself, your own aspirations and the level of entry. Assuming you already own the land, a typical start up would be c£300,000 - £750,000 (ex VAT). This includes the cost of the Boutique Lodges franchise, the park development establishment costs and some other start up costs including working capital.

Can I use the Boutique Lodges brand?

As part of our franchise, we will expect you to brand your park as Boutique Lodges and benefit from a cohesive approach. With every park promoting Boutique Lodges, customers (guests) will soon recognise our brand for the quality of accommodation and service that goes with it.

How long is the franchise for?

The initial term will be for 10 years, with an option to renew for rolling 5 year periods.

What skills do I need?

We are looking for people that have the energy and motivation to create a strong holiday customer base in a short period of time. You must be keen to run your own business, manage your own employees, focus on success and be prepared to put in the necessary time to make it happen. You must also have an interest and affinity with the services we provide. It is not necessary for you to have all the skills to operate a Boutique Lodges franchise as you will be provided with the necessary knowledge during training.

Is my success guaranteed?

The simple answer to this question is no. As with any business, it requires a large amount of hard work and a strong desire to succeed. We will be there to help you all the way, so with your commitment and the Boutique Lodges method, everything is in place for a successful future.

Can I sell on my Boutique Lodges franchise?

Yes. One of the benefits of owning a business is the ability to sell on that business and receive the capital appreciation you have built up over time. Obviously, we will want to first approve the new owner prior to issuing a new Franchise Agreement, just as we will with you prior to your acceptance as a Boutique Lodge Franchise Owner.

Is franchising the best option for me?

Franchising may well be your best option as it offers many clear advantages over creating a new business from scratch. You will be able to use an existing business format which we have created, reducing the risk and cost of starting up a completely new business or working in a new area. The systems are already developed and have been successfully used in the market. You will also have much more credibility with our holiday customers, who will see you as part of a larger national organisation. This gives you the time to focus on growing your business in the knowledge that we are with you all the way.