If you are a land owner

Is planning achievable?

To give you a clear answer we would need to view the potential site and carry out a desk top review, we would then carry out a pre-planning application, before submitting a full planning application.

How much will the first stages cost?

We require a £5,000 deposit to carry out a desk top appraisal and pre-planning application on your behalf. If these are successful and we agree to move forward with the project, no further charges are made. If we decide not to move forward with the application, any fees and costs incurred (such as local council fees and specialist planning fees) will be deducted from the deposit before any balance is returned to you.

Have you created any other lodge park developments?

Yes, please see High Lodge in Suffolk www.highlodge.co.uk and www.hoseasons.co.uk/high-lodge and Wigmore Lakes in Shropshire www.wigmorelakes.co.uk and www.hoseasons.co.uk/wigmore-lakes.
Please note that these were not developed under the Boutique Lodges brand.

Will I still own the land the lodges sit on?

Yes, if you own the land you will own the park and be able to leverage against its value if required. You will be the proud owner of a valuable asset.

Can I sell the lodges if I want?

Yes, you can sell the lodges, however a commission payable to Boutique Lodges will be required for each lodge sold.

How much will a development cost and can I raise finance for this?

A development of 10 lodges would cost c£500,000 - £1,000,000 to develop (excluding the purchase of any land). We can help you arrange finance for your project through specialised lenders, however you will need a minimum investment fund of c£100,000 to start your journey with Boutique Lodges.

My land is worth £10,000 an acre, what will the value be after planning has been granted?

The value varies from area to area and how values are calculated also varies. A rough rule of thumb would indicate that each holiday lodge pitch would have a value of c£20,000, and around 10 lodges could be sited per acre – so your one acre could be worth £200,000 with planning and have a gross value in excess of £1,000,000 when developed and fully operational. (Dependant on EBITDA ratios and current valuations).